Redwood City Apartment Building Prices Continue to Climb

Although large real estate investor/developer purchases don’t closely match individual homeowner purchases, the prices eventually track each other. The recent purchase of a luxury apartment complex in Redwood City called the Encore set a new high record price-per-unit of $816,666.

Large investors are still seeing increasing values for apartments in Silicon Valley. View Redwood City real estate trends for houses, townhouses, and condos.

Previous apartment complex sales have been:

  • November 2019, $814,285 per-unit for 175 units, sold by Greystar.
  • June 2019, $810,000 per-unit for 402 units, sold by Paul’s Corporation and Fortress Investment Group.
  • June 2016, $700,000 per-unit for 305 units, sold by Greystar Franklin.
  • March 2015, $595,744 per-unit for 141 units, sold by SummerHill Apartment Communities.
  • May 2014, $628,787 per-unit for 132 units, sold by Sares Regis.